Filling the void

There’s been a prominent hole in the payment industry, a clear need for simple and secure mobile payments. MTOPO has made it its mission to fill that void.


Our partnerships with financial entities enable us to use the power of digital solutions to offer our customer base the best financial options available. MTOPO strived to unite all parties involved in the financial services dynamic, ensuring a valuable, stress-free payment option that appeals to both merchants and consumers.


Our creative solutions make it possible for users to direct their financial destinies and enhance their well-beings.

We have a vision

We envision an Africa comprised of thriving businesses that are healthily connected to their environment, each empowered by advantageous technology that simplifies their operations. We foresee an Africa where each individual controls their financial destiny and the ability to effect change both in their personal lives and communities.


As we’re primarily concerned with merchants, we work to address their chief concerns. MTOPO understands the dilemmas faced by merchants and that their time is valuable. That’s why we’ve worked to create a simple payment system that saves merchants time while expanding their businesses.

Discover now our tool for empowering businesses !


Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Empowering People

Realizing Dreams